“OUCH” Cream

“OUCH” cream is a Magnesium Body Butter that helps relieve muscle and joint pain, minor arthritis and back ache.

Apply a small amount to the affected area as often as needed

OUCH cream is also great for:

SLEEP: It can help you sleep at night time also – rub a little on the soles of your feet before jumping into bed. Magnesium is a relaxant and by applying on the soles of your feet its quickly absorbed.

BRUISES: Its also great on bruises – apply a few times a day to quickly fade and heal bruises.

The words ‘stretch marks’ can often strike fear into all mums and mums to be and is something that affects around 8 out of 10 women during pregnancy.
Great news – “OUCH” cream can be used during and after pregnancy to help prevent and fade stretch marks.
The combination of all natural ingredients include cocoa butter, coconut oil, magnesium and beeswax which work together and complement each other to create a strong balance that absorbs into the skin promoting healthy skin cells, improving circulation while giving it more elasticity preventing stretch marks smile emoticon

All natural ingredients include Coconut Oil, Cocoa Butter, Magnesium Oil, beeswax, Lemon and Tea tree.

“OUCH” cream ingredients and what they do:
Coconut Oil – Natural moisturiser, absorbs into skin, quick healing of injury, improves sleep
Cocoa Butter – Rich in magnesium, high amounts of antioxidants (faster healing), contains Vitamin E, reduces inflammation of skin, reduces wrinkles, helps reduce the appearance of scars
Magnesium – muscle relaxer, sore muscle recovery, reduces muscle cramps and spasms, relief of aches and pains, encourages healthy skin tissue, relieves stress, great on stretch marks, relieves anxiety, helps reduce headaches, improves sleep
Beeswax – Natural moisturiser, rich in Vitamin A to promote healthy skin cells,
Lemon – Purifies skin, rejuvenates energy, improves circulation
Tea Tree – Stimulant for blood circulation, boosts immune system

” It’s great stuff!!! Works amazing!!! Eases the lower back pain in no time!!! Natural, smells amazing, and moisturises at the same time!!! Can’t go wrong.”

“Easy to apply, non greasy, works instantly”

“I love that it’s easy to apply, has a pleasant smell and it’s ALL natural … no nasty chemicals”

50ml – $9.99
120ml – $19.99

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